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Vanity Plus Announces Update: Luxury Bathroom Furniture Additions Just in Time for Spring 2024

ExbriteUSA luxury bathroom vanity on Vanity Plus

Vanity Plus, a leader in high quality online bathroom furniture shopping, is proud to announce the addition of ExbriteUSA, a leading luxury bathroom furniture manufacturer, to their collection of high quality bathroom vanities. This includes the sale of luxury bathroom vanities, LED mirrors, smart toilets, stone bathtubs and more! Shared now alongside Vanity Plus, ExbriteUSA's offerings seamlessly blend functionality with elegance, transforming spaces into statements of luxury and style.  Customers can now expect the highest of quality and functionality to be sold in the Vanity Plus online store.


"Combining the best products and an easy, seamless bathroom shopping experience is the highest priority here at Vanity Plus. Luxury bathroom products hold a higher price tag, but when the customer is ready to invest for longer lasting, functional, and exceptionally stylish products, they can expect Vanity Plus to be there every step of the way."


Luxury Bathrooms Explained for Interested Bathroom Shoppers    

Luxury bathroom furniture is often made from higher quality materials. Luxury bathroom vanities are crafted from a solid, durable wood usually consisting of a variety of different types of Oak, Cherry, Maple, Birch, and Beech.  A luxury bathroom vanity counter top is traditionally sculpted from a Carrara Marble, Quartz, Granite, or stone. And alongside high quality faucet accessories, a customer can expect an upgrade in technology with LED lighting underneath the cabinetry and soft-close hardware made from a brushed or polished nickel to keep corrosion away for longevity. Luxury bathroom vanities are typically accompanied by a series of smart toilets, stone bath tubs, and LED mirrors or LED medicine cabinets. The addition of ExbriteUSA's luxury bathroom furniture is represents the beginning for many of our shoppers.  Vanity Plus has always kept a great relationship with it's modern and contemporary collection.  Sleek, seamless bathrooms are the way of the future.  But unlike styles of luxury, higher quality material can be passed over to support a customers lower price tag.  Now, for the first time Vanity Plus shoppers are given options to attain the bathroom they've always dreamed of. 


To learn more and start your shopping journey with our new luxury bathroom furniture line, visit There, in addition to shopping for our new line of luxury bathroom vanities, one can also navigate over to our latest additions in luxury bathtubs (, toilets (, and LED mirrors (


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