Jena 24" Bathroom Vanity with Acrylic Top

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Discover the epitome of bathroom aesthetic with the Jena 24-Inch Bathroom Vanity, seamlessly blending timeless elegance and modern functionality. Featuring a Calacatta White Marble Rough Glass Surface and easy-clean glass, this vanity is both stylish and low-maintenance. Crafted with a water-proof Polyvinyl Chloride Board and 5-layer paint finish, it ensures durability. Eco-Friendly LED Strip Lights illuminate responsibly, while full extension drawers offer convenient storage. With easy installation, compatibility with sinks, and optional Matte Black Metal Legs, the Jena Vanity transforms your space effortlessly, combining sophistication with practicality.


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Color: Calacatta White
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Jena 24" Bathroom Vanity with Acrylic Top

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